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Isola del Giglio: how to get there, what to see & do


It’s too easy to say that Giglio Island is one of Tuscany’s treasures hidden in the Tyrrhenian sea, with wonderful beaches and crystal clear water! What is harder to understand is how peaceful and relaxing it is to spend a vacation there until you don’t step on the island. The island of Giglio is almost “pollution […]

Fagioli all’uccelletto – Tuscan style beans recipe


This is a very simple and traditional Tuscan dish. The original name of this recipe by Artusi is “Fagioli a guisa d’uccellini” which translates into “beans in the manner of birds”: cooked with sage and light tomato sauce. Nowadays in Tuscany we call them all’uccelletto, where uccello means bird and uccelletto little bird. In conclusion […]