Monthly Archives: November 2014

Montorsaio and its historical crib


Montorsaio is a village on the outskirts of Grosseto, where time seems to have stopped …. It is located about 6 km from Batignano, in the municipality of Campagnatico. It is from 1985 which is renewed the appointment with the crib Montorsaio in the characteristic medieval square of Cisterna in the historic center of the […]

Archaeological excavations of Roselle


Walking at sunset and see from above the sun goes to sleep in the sea, surrounded by Roman and Etruscan artifacts, this is Roselle If are passionate about art and history, visit the excavations of Roselle is a must. The archaeological area of Roselle, set in a natural environment very nice, is located about 8 […]



 Equestrian tourism located in the Maremma, from the city of the tuff to the mountain and to the coast, find its proper dimension of environmental sustainability.  In this land of Butteri and horses can cross unspoiled places that smell of grass and aromatic bushes, where they live and proliferate animals undisturbed and protected by man. […]

Birdwatching in Maremma


Life is not made to look back the road traveled, but to dream the way still to be done. The time does not age the soul of the dreamer. (Giovanni Di Battista) For nature lovers, bird watching allows us to be outdoors and go for long walks through unspoiled and still in its natural state. […]



Pitigliano is perched on a spur of tuff from which arise naturally daring architecture tuff. It ‘a treasure to discover the many treasures built by the industrious hands of local artisans. Walking in the streets of the village of Pitigliano, we meet those who live here every day and knows how to turn with hard […]