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Pink flamingos in the lagoon of Orbetello


The development of pink flamingo in the water of the lagoon of Orbetello, an unspoiled paradise for bird watchers The Orbetello lagoon is one of the most pristine natural areas of Tuscany and is a habit unique. The oasis of Orbetello lagoon covers 850 acres and is managed directly by the WWF. It is a […]

Golf in Maremma


The Maremma is one of the most beautiful and magical sites in Tuscany. What is most striking, crossing it, is the variety of its territory, never the same in its extension and full of many facets. The Maremma is a fresco of landscapes, rolling hills, colorful fields by human labor, towns and villages, an alternation […]

Petriolo: a thermal pool in the open air


In Tuscany, if you love the spa, there are places where every desire can be satisfied without words, when you realize you’re okay without having to make comparisons, a place where the little things are capable of so much emotion … Soak in a natural thermal pool and steaming hot, pampered by the placid flow […]

Cantuccini with almonds


We present the recipe for almond cantuccini: a sweet Tuscan tradition made of simple ingredients; crispy and golden are durable, their texture makes them ideal for dipping in Vin Santo, a sweet wine and very fragrant in Tuscany is offered to guests as a sign of friendship. Cantuccini are a biscuit made with almonds typical […]

Maremma sea


Land of nature, sun, sea and charming villages, the sea of Maremma is definitely one of the most beautiful seas of Tuscany and to say this it’s not just our locals, but also the millions of visitors that every summer fill golden beaches of our coasts. Here’s a rundown of ideas on how to spend […]

Maremma Park: Fun in Nature


Maremma Park: Fun in Nature The Maremma Park is a wonderful natural oasis in the heart of the Tuscan coast, the Tyrrhenian Sea. The park encompasses pristine natural microcosms, including beaches, pine forests and woodlands and testimonies storicho-cultural interest. A charming environment for young and old. Inside the park you can mountain bike trails, incanoa, horseback […]



MAREMMA where Nature, History, Art and Culture mingle in scenarios of authentic beauty Maremma: Home of the mythical Etruscan stronghold in the Middle Ages the powerful Aldobrandeschi family, dominated by Florence, Siena, controlled in part by Spain.  Maremma: For many centuries marginal land, swampland, theater of the great works of reclamation, harsh land and sweet that collects […]

The great beauty of Pitigliano


The surreal charm of Pitigliano blinds you not just made the last corner that leads to the town … A bridge in front of it you can admire all its beauty. Perched on a spur of tuff, there delicate and impressive at the same time … The Magic of Pitigliano you breathe while walking along […]

You know Maremma Pearl: the waterfalls of Saturnia.


At the foot of the medieval village of Saturnia, in open countryside will find a charming place where time stands still, remain unattainable daily stress and various concerns. There is only the knowledge that magical places are yet to be discovered …  Waterfalls sulphurous Saturnia are one of the most charming and fascinating of Tuscany, […]

Sailing in Maremma


 A unique experience and an unforgettable experience, this is sailing in Maremma. The sea, crystal clear, and the Mistral, typical of these places are the ideal companions for sailing enthusiasts who want to live the Maremma coast throughout the year. Winters never too rigid and sunny days, allow you to practice your favorite sport even […]